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Nestled between Little Assawoman Bay to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, is a mere one mile stretch of land comprised of an unusual abundance of natural beauty.  It has been said that Fenwick Island is one of the few places in the world where you can watch a spectacular sunrise over the ocean as well as a breathtaking sunset over the bay, merely by turning your chair around.  As the southernmost town in the chain of "Quiet Resorts" along Delaware's eastern seaboard, Fenwick Beach offers the least-crowded beaches, excellent crab fishing in the harbor, and pristine dunes to the north.  Settled near the border of Delaware and Maryland, Fenwick Island is home to one of the most famous lighthouses in the United States. We love to help those buying or selling properties in Fenwick Delaware.

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The Jeffrey Fowler Group are fulltime / full service Fenwick Island Realtor® specializing in resort real estate sales.  Fenwick Island is just one of his preferred real estate areas.  Jeffrey Fowler deals in properties in most areas of Sussex County, southern Delaware, including all of the "Quiet Resorts" such as Bethany Beach.  While summer homes in this area are becoming increasingly popular, the year round benefits of low property taxes, zero sales tax, and a welcoming community are causing more people to look at Fenwick Island real estate in terms of a permanent move.  Whatever your needs or requirements, Jeffrey Fowler has the knowledge and experience to help you locate exactly the property you desire.

We have access to thousands of real estate listings.  You may browse the properties here, modifying your search to suit your particular needs by region.  In other words, you can limit your search to Fenwick Island real estate or broaden it to include all the beach homes in Sussex County.  The choice is yours!

It is not just the sheer amount of real estate listings in Fenwick Island to which Jeffrey Fowler has access that makes him such a valuable resource.  More importantly is his personal connection to the many towns in Southern Delaware where he currently lives.  Whether you want to find a Fenwick Island home for sale in the vicinity of a good spot for fishing rockfish or oysters or prefer to just be near a great seafood restaurant, Jeffrey Fowler can help you find the home of your dreams.

Fenwick Island resort beach condos, luxury vacation homes, and beach front properties are available to you today through Jeffrey Fowler, Keller Williams Realty.  Just one email puts you on a mailing list which keeps you updated when new real estate in Fenwick Island comes up for sale.

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Numerous customer testimonials such as the one above give potential customers the confidence to trust Jeff Fowler in their search for Fenwick Island real estate.  His goal of 100% customer satisfaction is one he consistently meets.  This is accomplished via the personal attention he gives to every customer and the area knowledge that he possesses -allowing him to find the perfect property to meet your specific needs.  No matter where you currently live, if you are looking for real estate in Fenwick Island, let Jeffrey Fowler exceed your expectations just as he has for so many others.

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